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Magellan MobileMapper 6 Tactical Military Special Forces

A True Mobile GIS for Everyone
MobileMapper 6 is an affordable and easy-to-use, professional GPS/GIS handheld receiver. It provides a complete set of all necessary features required by a mapping device for anyone who needs productive data collection and efficient asset management in the field.



The new ET1005 LCD panel is now wider, and comes with improved backlight illumination for clear and easy viewing.


Automatic Level / Waterpass Horizon 3032

Automatic Level / Waterpass Horizon 3032

The all new HORIZON 3000 SeriesAutomatic Level is a heavy duty quality product which packs many other improvementsover its predecessor. Firstly, it has better Crystal Clarity Optics which gives consistently clear focus over much greater distances. Secondly it has Superior Dual Compensator Stability, for improved accurate measurements.

Automatic Level HorizonAutomatic Level / Waterpass Horizon
automatic level/ waterpass horizon 2028, automatic level/ waterpass horizon 3032, automatic level/ waterpass horizon 4032.

Horizon 3028

MET 200 Series

Theodolite MET 200 Series
is provided by Shanghai Galaxy International Trade Co.,Ltd.,a major Measurement & Meters supplier in Industrial Supplies wholesale industry in China.You can check out the specification of Theodolite MET 200 Series below or get any optional result clicking into the following keywords theodolite , surveying instruments and you can check the authentications and testimonials of Theodolite MET 200 Series.


A18a-500 AA Alkaline battery
A18a-400 Rechargeable battery
FDJ5 BAttery charger
FDJ18 Diagonal eyepiece



Hand-bearing precision compasses

The KB-14 hand-bearing compass is an excellent tool for foresters, surveyors and geologists and many others. Suunto bearing compasses are designed to combine extreme accuracy with ease and speed of operation.

Suunto PM-5

Height meter, clinometers and combined height and clinometers

Suunto PM-5 provides you with a large selection of height meters, clinometers and combined height- and clinometers.

Suunto height meters are instruments for measuring the heights, especially the height of trees, with great accuracy and speed. The height meters can also be used to determine the angle of a gradient.

Suunto hand-held clinometers are precision instruments used all over the world by surveyors, engineers, cartographers, geologists, miners and architects and many others to measure heights, vertical angles and slopes quickly and easily.


A combination of clinometer and compass

The Suunto Tandem is a liquid-filled precision compass and clinometer in one compact aluminum housing. This instrument is an excellent tool for surveyors, engineers, cartographers, geologists, miners, architects and for anyone who needs to be able to measure directional indications, heights, vertical angles and slopes - with speed and accuracy.


Hand-Held Electronic Altimeter-Barometer

The Escape203 is the first model in Suunto's category of hand-held electronics. I t features an altimeter and a barometer with various memory functions.

Nikon series

NPR-302 Series

The NPR-302 Series offers three models, the Nikon NPR-362, NPR-352, and NPR-332. The NPR-302 Series include high precision and long range reflectorless measurements, laser pointer and long battery life to meet your every day needs. The instruments also include powerful onboard software that remains easy-to-use and easy-to-learn. With a graphical LCD display the menu selections and data entry is simple to use, resulting in increased productivity in the field. The NPR-302 series instruments are equipped with proven coaxial reflectorless EDM technology. Inaccessible points can now be surveyed reliably and accurately due to Nikon's reflectorless EDM technology.

NPR 352

NPR 332

Nikon Contruction Auto-Levels:
Extreme Accura
cy in Extreme

Automatic Level AP-8

AP-8—Incorporates an engineer’s handy automatic level with accuracy and friction brake features for faster operation
This AP-8 features an engineer’s handy automatic level with accuracy of ±1.5mm in 1km double-run leveling and friction brake for faster operation. Moreover, an endless horizontal drive with control knobs on both sides, water-resistant construction for use under dusty conditions or in light rain, and the option to mount on a flat- or spherical-head tripod all contribute to enhanced operability. Optional diagonal eyepiece lens attachments for use in confined spaces are also available.

Other features
28x, ΓΈ30mm-dia. telescope
0.75m/2.5ft. minimum focusing distance

Automatic Level

Automatic Level

AX-2S—An economically and surprisingly compact, light design
The AX-2S features a built-in magnetically dampened compensator that automatically levels the line of sight. Its airtight design enables you to use even in dusty conditions or light rain. In addition, a baseplate design offers a choice of flat- or spherical-head tripod instrument mount.
Other features
High accuracy of ±2.5mm in 1km double-run leveling
Bright, sharp, clear 20x image complemented by 0.75m/2.5ft. minimum focusing distance for ease of use even in tight spaces

NIKON NE-100 and NE-101 Theodolites

Easy-to-use, accurate instruments for construction and survey environments
Designed for general construction and survey applications, Nikon NE-100 Series electronic digital theodolites from TDS give you accurate measurements in an affordable, easy-to-use platform. Nikon NE-100 Series theodolites can run 48 hours under normal operating conditions on a set of six AA alkaline batteries. Each of the four models has an ergonomic keypad with one-touch keys for all functions and a large, backlit LCD display help you work productively in the field.

Ideal for construction applications
Product photo

Main features
5 or 10″ (5/10mgon,0.01/0.02mil)angle reading,
10 or 20″ (2/5mgon,0.05/0.01mil) angle reading for NE-100
Manganese batteries with 22 hour operation (48 hours by alkaline battery)
IPx54 water proof resistant
Clear and blight display with backlight illumination
Simple user interface
Reticle illumination
30x bright telescope
Compact carrying case